The problem:
Engine Cuts Out or Won't Start

A common fault showing up on many diesel GM vehicles fitted with the Isuzu EDU as pictured, is caused by a fault in the electronic control unit fitted inside.
The pump in question is by Delphi / Delco, as fitted to Y17DT or Y17DTL diesel engines, and the symptom is that the vehicle will not start, or it suffers from cutting out intermittently.
Typical fault code recorded is P0251
Please Note:
If your vehicle has other issues such as poor running, loss of power, excess smoke from the exhaust etc, then this service is probably not for you.

The cause

Inside the electronic module (the EDU / ECU), is an electronic circuit that controls the fuel pump operation.
Over time, the circuit and components start to fail due to the harsh environment.
The usual result is no start or intermittent cutting out, which gets progressively worse.
This can be confirmed by checking for fault codes P0251.
Of course, there can be other reasons for non-starting, including other (mechanical) parts of the pump, but this is a very common cause, and the only alternative if you have eliminated everything else, is a new or reconditioned pump.

The solution

Send your EDU module to us for repair.
You can book it in here, but please read the notes below first.


Q. Will I have to get the unit recoded?
A. No, your repaired unit is Plug and Play

Q. Can I fit the repaired EDU onto a different pump, or in a different vehicle?
A. Yes.

Pre-Order Checks

Before placing your order, please check the following:
* The repair service is for the Isuzu type as shown.
Please don't send us Chinese copy types.
* The repair service is for the EDU only, not the complete pump.
Please do not send us the complete pump!

Removing the EDU from the pump.

*1. Clean off any oil, grease or general dirt with white spirit etc before you do anything!
*2. Remove the 4 bolts that secure the EDU to the pump.
The pump is located as shown below.
Astra 1.7 DTI EDU location Isuzu 1.7 DTI EDU location

Ordering by Mail Order

Post us your faulty module - we normally repair, test and return within 2 days.
To reduce the possibility of delays, please book in your order here, now.

Please wrap the EDU in bubble wrap, pack in a stout cardboard box and send to
QER Ltd.
Quality House
Reedlands Rd
CA14 3YF   

Enclose a copy of your online order, and ensure your phone no. and email are included.
Please state if you want the item returned if unrepairable.

Your item is valuable - we recommend you use a tracked delivery service.
Note to buyers from outside the European Union
On your customs declaration, please DO NOT give your item a value of anything above £1.
Otherwise, we will be forced to pay 25% import duty, and we will expect you to reimburse us for this!

Our happy customers

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Customer Satisfaction
Guarantee to our customers

All our products carry a full 1 year guarantee.
If a fault should develop at any time over the 12 month period, simply return for a free replacement or repair.

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase on receipt, simply return within 30 days for a full refund including P&P.

If you buy a repair service and your unit is unrepairable, we make no charge, except £3.50 for shipping if you want it returned to you.